Bitcoin mining

Bitcoin mining player-emulator of real hardware, music, game miner on your phone.

Bitcoin mining player is an opportunity to get acquainted with cloud mining and hardware (miners) and enjoy good music.
The application provides an opportunity to evaluate the receipt of crypto coins by emulating various equipment that can be earned while using the app. Accumulate BTC faster than anyone, buy new equipment and speed up mining, immerse yourself in the world of getting crypto money!

Bitcoin player is not only the first mining simulator with entertainment:
- Emulation of various mining equipment
- Beautiful music on the radio (player and production in one app)
- The ability to compete with other participants, comparing success. To assess the capabilities of the actual hardware
- Get an interesting experience
- Further speed up the process through bonuses and inviting users to the project

A little information for newcomers to the crypto world about the process of mining coins.
Interest in cryptocurrencies in the modern world is growing exponentially, and it is difficult to find a person who has not heard of bitcoins.
However, not everyone fully understands the purpose and advantages of crypto payments, as well as the prospects for digital money. We will try to tell you in simple words about how what is the leader of the cryptocurrency market – bitcoin, how does the mechanism of cryptosystems function, and what are the forecasts of the future fate of "digital gold"?
Bitcoin (exchange Ticker-BTC) is the first cryptocurrency, the release of which is not controlled by any official financial institution, it is not tied to the GDP of any state. At the same time, bitcoin performs the main functions of money: it can be used for the purchase/sale of services and goods, as a means of saving and exchange. This currency is traded on exchanges where, depending on demand, its exchange rate is set in relation to traditional and other currencies digital currencies.
Blockchain in translation means a chain of blocks, it is in this chain that all transactions occur. To understand how this network works we will present it as books. The components of the blockchain are pages-blocks, and transactions serve as records. To create a new page in the blockchain Ledger, information about old blocks is being processed. It is impossible to remove any component from this system: the blockchain securely stores it in encrypted form data about all transactions that occurred in it. To create a new page of the blockchain book, i.e. a block, you need to solve a mathematical problem.
A person who copes with this task with the help of computing equipment receives a reward in bitcoins. Solving these tasks provides the efficiency of the system is called mining.

Please note that the project is a simulator of bitcoin mining. The app is entertaining and informative. Compete, learn miners, listen to music!